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Piloting improving uptake of NHS health checks by trialling and evaluating a range of alternative settings e.g. workplace

Short Explanation 

There are barriers to increasing the uptake of NHS health checks for key groups, including; men, BME groups and people with disabilities. This project would pilot and evaluate innovative ways of increasing male uptake by addressing these barriers and providing health checks in the workplace environment, focussing on those industries with higher levels of male workers.


Methodology for this projects includes;

• A brief review of existing projects / initiatives aimed at increasing health check uptake to identify learning / barriers to be addressed.

• Collaboration with PHE's on their work so far to ensure maximum impact.

• The identification of a number of pilot sites and groups.

• Provision of a number of pilot health check programmes in a number of workplaces with high proportion of men by targeting agencies with whom we already have links / provide services. Followed by the evaluation of uptake and feedback from sites, clients and target population to include barriers and enablers identified as well as analysis of patterns and trends in collated combined results.

• The development of case studies of good practice.

• Dissemination of the project findings and recommendations including protocols through SP programme, PHE, NHS Health Check Team / VCS networks.

Relevant outputs or anticipated outcomes and impact

The identification of barriers and enablers to the uptake of NHS health checks by men and other key groups.

The identification of workplace approaches and settings which address these and increase uptake, which will be tested, evaluated and disseminated with recommendations for further work and good practice in health check provision and commissioning.

Why is this project/activity important and how might it provide value for money?

Evidence suggests that many of those who are at greater risk of the diseases for which the NHS health check programme provides screening (CVD, Diabetes, Dementia and kidney disease), which includes men, are also less likely to take up the offer. Therefore incurring health, social and economic burdens to individuals, families and health and social care providers. This project will contribute to addressing this, increasing the potential impact and take up of the programme.

This project will also contribute to the prevention agenda and reducing health inequalities.