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Raising awareness of dementia in the workplace with employers, to support people to stay in work for longer, and support early diagnosis.

Short Explanation

Development and dissemination to employers and workplace of early signs of dementia and support.


Following a review of existing resources, current or newly developed, material will be used to brief employers / the workplace about the identification of the early signs of dementia and taking the appropriate action.

Information will be disseminated though employer links, the Responsibility Deal, VCS networks and clients. 

Relevant outputs or anticipated outcomes and impact

There will be the development of materials and an employer ready briefing and an increased awareness of dementia in workplaces and amongst employers.

Why is this project/activity important and how might it provide value for money?

With an increasingly ageing population comes a greater incidence of dementia within the working age population. This project further highlights the importance for prognosis of early diagnosis amongst the wider population.

This project will help reduce the potential long term impact of dementia on organisations by helping employers spot the symptoms early and take appropriate action to address individual's behaviour and support needs. This will include cost benefit analysis (CBA).

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