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Supporting the inclusion of worklessness, work and health data, evidence and practice forJSNA Guidance Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA) and Health and Wellbeing Strategies.

Working with Public Health England (PHE) locally and nationally to produce and disseminate JSNA guidance on health, work and worklessness building on our expertise in this area and highlighting the contribution of such information to support development of Health and Wellbeing Strategies.

A JSNA guidance / toolkit.

Short Explanation

The production and dissemination of guidance on writing a JSNA chapter(s) using data / intelligence on Work, Worklessness and Health and Wellbeing to inform a Health and Wellbeing strategy.

Supporting the requirement to produce JSNA and Health and Wellbeing Strategies it will highlight links to reduction of Health Inequality and include rationale and benefits of inclusion and possible actions and case studies. It will also serve as exemplar of use of PHI and VCS input.

The project addresses DH/PHE prevention agendas,  PHE healthy people, enabling the system to thrive and the DH contribution to economic growth.


There will be:

- a brief review of generic JSNA guidance

- a trawl of literature and good practice, in particular the HWWG

- draft content and case studies

- the dissemination and sharing of learning with PHE / local PH teams and CCGs and VCS partners, through VCS networks including infrastructure organisations, HWWG and other websites

- possible webinar(s).

Relevant outputs or anticipated outcomes and impact

There will be;

An increased capacity in PH, CCGs and Health and Wellbeing Boards to include intelligence around impact and contribution of work and worklessness to their populations health and wellbeing and their HWBS.

The production of guidance and case studies to include examples of potential impact to CCGs and HWBB, including cost benefit / economic impact.

The production of a template / guidance on JSNA chapter on work, worklessness and health.

An inclusion of intelligence and activity in health and wellbeing strategies.

A brief trawl of examples of good practice and existing work.

The development and distribution of briefing guidance for commissioners on the importance and value of including employment / work across care pathways as currently recommended in IAPT.

Why is this project/activity important and how might it provide value for money?

Work and worklessness are key determinants of health and health inequalities. The majority of adults spend a significant proportion of their time in a work place, therefore the workplace provides a unique opportunity to protect and improve health, including for those who do not routinely access health care settings.

This work will support capacity and capability to identify the impact of these issues on population health and health inequalities and potential action and possible savings cost benefits. It will also increase their inclusion in health and wellbeing strategies and commissioning.

This project will support addressing NHS and PHOF outcomes around reducing mortality, sickness absence and a number of people with long term conditions / mental health issues in work.

Finally, this project addresses PHE healthy people, healthy places, enabling the system to thrive.