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Addressing Mental Health and Employment / Unemployment

Short Explanation

We will be organising a national round table discussion to share good practice and evidence on the impact of mental health and employment, particularly from Voluntary and Community Sectors (VCS).

It will bring together research academics and practitioners and identify gaps and action needed to increase the number of people with common mental health problems who are able to remain in or return to work as part of recovery, and to support those for whom work issues are part of the problem / trigger.

It will include identifying the support needs of employers as well as clients.

We will disseminate good practice with briefings and make recommendations to address gaps through a range of methods.

This project supports addressing the following priorities:

- healthy people, mental health, inequalities and integration

- key Public Health Outcomes Framework / NHS England outcomes around numbers of people with mental health issues in employment

- the Department of Health's parity of esteem and supporting economic growth.


The methodology used to deliver this project will include:

- the research / scoping of work and activity which embodies best practice and addresses the report's recommendations, particularly in VCS. E.g.: the Health, Work and Wellbeing Group (HWWG) - NICE's award winning service

- the organisation and facilitation of around table event / webinars

- the collation and production of a report and briefings, then dissemination and recommendations to partners and networks including commissioners and system partners

- the development of a toolkit / guidance for employers.

Relevant outputs or anticipated outcomes and impact

The outcome of this project will be the dissemination of a report on good practice in addressing the barriers identified for people with common mental health conditions in remaining in or returning to employment:

- focussing on VCS contribution

- including support for employers, eg: vocational rehabilitation and employment support as part of HWWG specialist support to IAPT and the work of members of the Mental Health Providers Forum (MHPF)

- cascaded through our local and national networks including the national IAPT group and the Responsibility Deal (RD) Health at Work Network.

- identifying through business links the support needs of employers

- delivering a briefing report and learning event / webinar for system partners and commissioners

- identifying gaps in provision / knowledge to make recommendations to partners, including policy leads and national IAPT group for action

- delivering mental health and employment briefing for employers

- providing briefings for CCGs and GPs with possible inclusion in existing BMJ Masterclass for GPs/SPR training run by Clinical Director of HWWG.

Why is this project/activity important and how might it provide value for money?

This project supports parity of esteem and contributes to economic growth and healthy people. It will impact on the numbers and costs of people with common mental health disorders not able to fulfil their ambition to return to work.

Although progress has been made in integrating services across work and health eg: employment support as part of IAPT, recent reports highlight work still to be done and the associated cost savings and health impacts to be gained (RAND Europe (January 2014) OECD (February 2014).

This project will highlight the impact of good practice and support recommendations in the RAND Europe report and OECD on recently improved integration of health and employment services:

- to support building capacity and access

- highlight the contribution of the VCS

- promote expanded access to psychological therapies for those with common mental health disorders

- boost mental health knowledge of key stakeholders, including GPs and employers.